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Hi my name is Tania, your new best friend in dog training ! I specialize in training that helps puppies, adult dogs and rescue dogs figure out our training cues using positive reinforcement and of course fun ! My training techniques use canine psychology, treats and body language to help everyone stay on the same page during training. I have experience with dogs as small as 3 pounds to puppies as large as 35 pounds. Also I have been training dogs and people with all sorts of dog needs. All breeds are welcome to learn !

The dog training classes include the basic obedience commands such as sit, lay down, stay , come when called and leave it. I also go over potty training, leash walking and of course no jumping skills. Through positive reinforcement and patience, Dogs learn how to behave around distractions and temptations (such as counter surfing). Building a good bond with your dog is confidence building and an rewarding experience from both dog and parent. Doggie parents can also benefit from this training by learning dogs behavioral cues so both can grow a positive bond that lasts a lifetime!

Adult classes expand training so dogs can learn to be on their best behavior with distractions, distance and impulse control. Many adults dogs know the basics , so we just perfect their skills to make sure your puppy is ready to be a canine good citizen in your community. We also slowly phase out treats so the dog can learn with mostly your voice command on leash alone. Teaching dogs how to heel, wait, place, drop it and staying in place when you leave the room, are all skills that help you communicate with your dog positively and make your dog learn boundaries while making it fun.

Contact me at: for more questions about dog training and to set up private dog classes for you and your fur baby ! If email doesn’t work for you please call or text 503-810-8081.

Puppy Training

To ensure the optimal puppy training service, it is best to leave it to the professionals. And if you are going to the effort of having your puppy professionally trained then you may as well select the number one team of puppy training specialists.

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Obedience Training

Doggie School Bus Inc has what it takes to ensure that your dog will transition from being a hyperactive puppy into a more mature, fully rounded adult dog.

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